Catalog of True Leaves

The seed leaves are the first leaves of the plant that emerge from the soil, at this point the seed leaves will carry all the nutrients.  The true leaves are the second set of leaves to grow, depending on what type plant you are growing the true leaves will either consist of a pair (which is the usual), a single leaf, three leaves and sometimes even more.  Once the true leaves have formed the seed leaves will begin to yellow and shrivel off, when the seed leaves begin to shrivel off is a good time to add some nutrients in the form of compost or your choice of method to the plant.

Bush Bean: Classic Slenderette
The seed leaves of a bush bean will get quite large before the true leaves begin to appear. Curled and crinkled at first the true leaves will grow rather fast as did the seed leaves. The true leaves will eventually match the size of the seed leaves and sometimes even get larger than the seed leaves.

The cucumber seed leaves will only take days to germinate, the seed leaves are large round and thick. The true leaves of the cucumber will have jagged edges, more texture than the seed leaves and will also lack the thick rubberiness of the seed leaves.

Melon:  Yellow variety
The yellow melon seed leaves are thick, rubbery and flutter slightly at the edges, while the true leaves have a thickness to them like the seed leaves they lack the rubberiness and have jagged edges opposed to the smooth fluttering edges of the seed leaves.

Mixed Lettuce: Sweet Greens and Reds
From a packet of mixed lettuce the seed leaves look rather similar from one variety to the next, but you'll be able to tell the difference once the true leaves begin to turn up. The seed leaves are little, round and very cute, as the seed leaves get larger and rounder they will grow further apart to make space for the true leaves, which at this point shouldn't be far from sprouting. The true leaves will be different in color and shape depending on the variety of lettuce they are. The true leaves of lettuce will have an elongated shape.

Tomato Cherry: Red & Yellow Pear Blend
Oddly the seed leaves of the Red & Yellow Pear Blend tomato cherry will have the tendency to point upwards.  While the true leaves lack it's enthusiasm to hail the gods they look quite similar, with it's deep vein impressions and oak tree-like leaves.

Tomato Pole: Cherokee Purple
Unlike the slender, elongated and rather common looking seed leaves the true leaves of the tomato pole Cherokee Purple variety that yields purple tomatoes look almost like miniature versions of oak tree leaves. The true leaves comes in pairs and consists of one larger leaf flanked by two smaller leaves.

Bell Pepper: Pepper Sweet (grows both red & green)
The seed leaves of the Pepper sweet bell pepper seedling is triangular. Very similar to the seed leaves the true leaves that sprout between the seed leaves are very similar in shape, triangular.

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